Sunday, November 05, 2006

Knitter's felted quilt block tote

I was able to finish the Knitter's quilt block tote, that is in the current issue. Wow was this fun to knit. It done using basically the modular method, but with a twist. The center square is more like grandma's favorite dishcloth instead of a modular square. I used a new, to the shop Knit Wits, yarn called Ella rae. This 100% wool yarn is just wonderful to work with. The color range is more suited to my taste, they are more muted then most colors. I was also very impressed with the way it felted up. The tote is hanging in the yarn shop for a while before I take it home to use and enjoy. Like I said before I have been working on getting little thing done so that I have move on to other larger projects. I have started a Wallaby for my self and a top down coat for one of my daughters for Christmas. I will post pictures later of their progress. I also have that wonderful blue/green fiber on the matchless wheel. I will add a pictures later this week of its progress.

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Ann said...

Melanie, I know that this tote is felted, but I am considering knitting several of the squares at a tighter gauge and usingthem to construct an afghan.