Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Gansey Workshop -the pin cushion

This last week I started a Gansey workshop that is being hosted by the traditional knitting, located in the yahoo groups. So far this has been very informative and fun. Every couple of days Liz ( the designer and leader) uploads a file or two on the art of Gansey knitting. Our first project was this pin cushion. Each side has a different pattern. If you are not familiar with ganseys they are sweaters that are knit very tightly and have lots of texture. The designs are done with knit and purls not colors. Traditional ganseys were knit for fishermen and usually are made with dark colors. Navy, grey etc. I have always been interested in the both the history and method. I plan in the future to spin and then knit a gansey for my self. So if you want to learn to knit gansey this might be the workshop for you. We will be making several smaller projects using the knit and purl patterns. I next pattern I plan to try will be a pillow cover, then socks.

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Nancy J said...

Aren't these fun? Decided to see your blog instead of the group album to see what you're up to! So many projects are in my queue, but I had to try the pin cushion. And, just thought that I might make the cushion as a Christmas present! Nice job!