Saturday, October 07, 2006

Fall is Here Yipee!

Here in Boise its has been a long hot summer. I really don't like the hot hot weather. I grew up in southern Oregon near the coast so even on really hot days it would cool off at night. Even though I have live in the Boise area for 20 years I still really hate July and August here. Its just not fun when at midnight its still 90 some degrees outside. Well the leaves are changing colors now and things have cooled down some. We still have not had our first frost but it is more livable. To celebrate falls return I decided to reknit this sweater. Yes I have knit this pattern before but that was a few years ago when I was a much larger size. I have gotten rid of all my size 24 cloths but kept all my hand knits so that I could take them apart and reknit them. This is one such sweater. The pattern is one of my favorites from . This top down sweater is the light weight V neck. If you have never made a top down I can recommend them enough. If you don't liking working with straight needles and sewing up seams this is the sweater for you. The yarn is interlacements and the color way is called poppy fields. Or as I call it the drug sweater. All kidding aside it is a wonderful fall colorway. I think it I will wear it at my daughters next football game.

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