Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentie's Day

OK so I really couldn't let Valentine's Day go by with out a little comment. First of all I really can't think of a favorite Valentine's day from my past. What I do remember is the neat thing my Dad did for all the years I can remember before I was married. He would always buy me a box of chocolate and give me a card. Which might not seem like a big deal but when you are 15 and have no boyfriends or even a hopes for one it was nice to know you are loved. Well I am happy to say that my husband has conitued this tradition. Each year he buys some candy and usually a stuff animal for each of my daughters. This year was no execption. It was really special, because out 17 and 13 years were so trilled that they took their stuff animals to school to show them off. There are not to many teenage girls that are that proud of their Dad's that they would tell their friends about it.

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Lisa said...

Your husband sounds like a wonderful father! They are very special girls indeed.