Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New year New things happening

Well Its already 2008. Yikes! Where did 2007 go? I was talking with a friend of mine this weekend and we were lamenting on how busy we both are and yet getting nothing done. Well I do have to admit I have been very busy these past few weeks. Not only do we have tons of things going on around the holidays but my oldest daughter's birthday is on 4. So Now with all the parties over and everyone is back to school, I can get back to normal. I really wish I knew what normal was. Anyway, every year I don't make resolutions I set goals. So 2008 its so exception. So here are my goal for the year,in no particular order;
1. Loose 50 pounds by 8/8/08 - the first day of the Olympics
2. Read through the Bible
3. Get more fit - which goes with number 1.
4. fiber a new exotic fiber each month
5. knit a pair of socks every month
6. read a really good book every month
7. Take a few minutes to just stop and be still
8. design my own sweater
9. Enter knit, crochet,tat and needlepoint items in the State fair
10. Stop and list my blessings every week.

Now as the year progress I will let you all know what how I am doing on each of these goals.


Carissa said...

What a great list of goals! I'll be praying for you!

Tori said...

Good for you! I have a few in common with you, 9 is on my list....You were smart to write them down! Take care and all the best, Tori

Lisa said...

What a great list of goals! I can't wait to see the progress, especially the fiber and the socks!