Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New year new look

So for a while I have been thinking of reorganizing my yarn room. If you are a fiber nut like me you have quite a stash. The big problem with a good sized stash, is as you get older you forget what all you have. So I have been thinking of ways to make it more user friendly. As I talk about this I really thought about if I should share my yarn room with you all. Then when all the changes were made it turned out so much better then I thought I decided to share so if its something you might want to try. First of all in my house I have a bedroom that is really small. My youngest daughter used the room until she out grew her toddler bed. This room is so small that if you put a twin bed in it you would have no more room for anything else. So for the past few years I have been using this room for storage. I have for years had all my yarn and spinning fiber in plastic binds. Needless to say this room is always a mess. I never really knew what I had and where it was. Well in the current issue of Knitters there is an article about how this gal over a weekend bought wire crates and set them up to hold her yarn. Well when I read that I knew this is what I wanted to do. I looked all over town for these wire crates and could only find them at Fred Meyer. With some luck the day after Christmas the crates went on sale. So I went and bought a few and set them up. Now I have to tell you that it took a lot longer then I thought it would. About 3 hours. I then put my yarn and rovings in somewhat by colors. I wanted to have the yarn mixed with the rovings to give some visual interest. I also set my books up so that they can be seen and easily accessible. The next thing I did as I was cleaning everything up I hung on the wall all my unfinished needlework projects. Not only does it decorate the walls but it also helps remind me to finish them at some point. I then added a comfy chair so that I can sit and knit or spin in what my daughter calls Mom's yarn store. Because all my girls knit I have a bin that is full of my leftover bits of yarn. They know that they can grab anything out of it and make something with out fear they took something I had saved for some project.
One great thing I have found by doing all of this is it has helped my remember what I already have. so when I'm at a yarn store looking at yarn or fiber I know how much green yarn or maybe I have nothing in red. So it has helped my on adding to my stash. It as also make this store room into a little den. My middle daughter likes to go in there and play her violin or just read. And yes it does have a look of a yarn store. The great part of that is I have already bought everything in there so I don't have to figure out how to sneak in the house.

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Lisa said...

Great Idea! Thank you so much for sharing. With the Munchkin about to graduate from college, I might have to "take over" her room for my own yarn store.