Thursday, December 20, 2007

OK Christmas can come

OK so Christmas can come. The reason? I'm done with my all my Christmas knitting. With five days to spear. The last two projects where for daughters number two and three. Daughter number two is in love with the color blue so I made her the top down bolero. I'm not totally sure she will like it as its a bit more girly then she is but her sisters picked the pattern so there is hope. I used some yarn that I had in my stash so I'm not sure what it is.
The sweater for daughter number three is also a top down one. She asked me a couple of months ago for a sweater like mine so that is just what I did. Of course its done in the colors of pinks and purples. She pick the yarn her self. It I think ended up being bigger then she needs, so she will be able to wear it for a couple of years.
Now that I have all my Christmas knitting done, I also have two weeks off from teaching classes, you would think I would take a brake. Of course not. I'm on to projects that are planned classes in 08. First up is the Oregon Vest from Oat Couture. I will be making my model in bright Red, so be on the look out for the coming vest.

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Lisa said...

These are just as beautiful as the last one you posted about. Lucky girls!

Enjoy your break, even if you will be working on '08 stuff!

Merry Christmas!