Friday, November 30, 2007

A little me knitting

Even though my daughters picked the yarn for the sweaters that they want for Christmas, they all think I won't have time so I only work on them while they are at school or not home. They know me so well that if I'm not knitting on something there is a problem. So I am doing a little bit of me knitting at the same time. So what's better then a pair of Monkey socks. I think this is my 4 pair and I have to say I just love this pattern which you can find a copy at I am using Araucania Ranco multy. The color ways is number 303 or better known as pinks and purples. Not my normal colors that I would pick but I do like them just the same. I also bought some yarn the day after Thanksgiving to make a sweater to match. So be on the look out for that. By the way I am trying new needles. Clover sock needles. They are 4 .5 inches long and I have to say they are just great. Not quite as neat as my rosewoods but nice just the same.

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