Friday, November 30, 2007

Its begining to look like Christmas knitting

Now that I have the Christmas stockings all done and the customer is happy. I have been working on my Christmas knitting. Now each one of these sweaters are not a huge surprise to the members of my family. The reason.... they picked the yarn they wanted and the color. I did make one rule NO ACRYLIC. The first one finished is a vest for my husband. He already knows its done and has tried it on. He wanted it for Christmas Eve. He will be singing at our church's three Christmas Eve services. So I had to do that one first. Its hard to see by the picture but its hunter green and it was made from Lopi Lite. Not the softest of yarns but it was the color he wanted. Not to mention he will be wearing it over a shirt anyway. Now that its done I'm on to the next sweater. Next up is the V neck for my oldest daughter. I decided I would go from oldest to youngest. Or largest to smallest. My daughter is a jeans and Tshirt type gal so I was a bit surprised by her yarn choice. The yarn is Plymouth Boku. If you have never seen or felt this yarn its a lot like Noro. Its a wool silk blend and I think its softer then Noro. The colorway she chose was orange, greens and purples. So far its looks wonderful.

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