Monday, November 19, 2007

Christmas Knitting- boy have I been busy

OK so I have been busy doing some Christmas knitting. In the past couple of weeks I have knit 5 Santa Christmas stockings. However they were not for me or anyone in my family. When you work at a yarn shop once in a while you get asked to knit an item for a customer. Well at Christmas time we all at the shop end up knitting a stocking or two. So this year I was asked to knit 5 all the same, except for the names. As you can see in the picture I have them all done, well OK you can only see three of the five and one of the originals believe me they are all on my table drying, they just couldn't fit in the picture. The one on the far left is the original. It seems Grandma knit the same stocking for everyone in the family, kids, and grand kids. Well she passed away this last year so I was asked to knit the great grand kids stockings. I have to say I was happy to do it. Now that they are all done I can now start on my own Christmas knitting. My husband wants a buttoned down vest and all three daughters have asked for sweaters so no rest for the weary.

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Virginia said...

I think these are really nice but then I think You are too even if I am your Mother! Love You :)