Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I've been socked!

Over the past couple of days I have been socked! I received two boxes that contained socks and other goodies. First I received a neat pair from Lisa Ping. These are part of the Sock it to me swap. They are made from Brown Sheep Wildfoote in the color of deco lime. She designed these herself and are just wonderful and fit just great.
Then I got a box from Suzie Racho. These came from the Monkey sock swap. If you have not tried to knit the monkey sock from Cookie A. then you have missed out. This is one of my favorite sock patterns. Suzie knit these with socks that rock yarn and I just love them. She also sent some monkey goodies and of course some chocolate. Part of the swap was to send yarn and another Cookie A. pattern. She sent a skein of socks that rock yarns as you can see in a wonderful colorway. In the little white bag are some brown stitch markers.

The best part of both of these swaps are the socks and the both fit like a glove. Thanks ladies.



Lisa said...

You are most welcome! I just realized htat I didn't send you any of the left over yarn for a sock emergency. I'll round it up and get it to you.

Suzie said...

So glad they fit Melanie!! Enjoy the goodies. I couldn't resist the monkey themed chocolate!