Friday, February 06, 2009

Where the heck I have been!

The holidays were a great time here in Idaho. We have a good visit with my mother in law. One the great things this year was the snow. Boy did we have snow. For about 2 weeks it seemed like it snowed everyday. I think we had about 8 inches on the ground on Christmas day. Which I know for some that was nothing but for the Boise area that's a lot of snow. As the year was winding down I decided to finish up all my UFO's. So on Jan 1 I had nothing on needles, hooks or wheel or spindle. I have to say it was a great feeling to have everything all finished up but as the same time I didn't know what to do next.
So what I did was set some goals for the New year. Which I have been working on.
These are my fiber goals
1. Learn to use all the whorls that my Matchless comes with. For those who don't know the Schacht Matchless has 6 different whorls. So far I have 5 . What I want is to be able to spin any size yarn that I want for any given pattern I chose to do. I will talk more about how this goal is going.
2. I want to keep on top of my projects. I don't necessarily want to work on one thing at a time but I do want to keep it under control.
3. I want to do a fleece study.
4. As a Christmas gift I received a subscription to Fondle this Fiber club. Each month I will get in the mail a pattern and the amount of fiber needed to make the project. I want to complete each project before the next one comes.
5. I want to try to make projects from my stash instead of buy either new yarn or fiber when possible.
My life goals are:
1. read through the Bible in 09
2. loose 28 pounds by my birthday, then another 20 by fall. ( so far I have lost 8)
3. become more active.

I have been working on all of these goals and will be reporting on my progress over the next few blog posts and through out the year.

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My8kidsmom said...

Good luck on your goals! I will be anxious to hear how the spinning goes!