Sunday, August 05, 2007


Yes the sock kick is still going. I this make 7 pairs this summer. Which is huge for me considering I usually only make one or two pair a year normally. These aer my second pair of knee highs in as many weeks. I do have to say they were fun to knit. I chose these because of the fair isle heel. The pattern came from Interweave Sock! a Spin off special publication. I use Silky wool and some odds and ends from my stash. These were knit with size 3 dps. I know its kind of hard to see but the colors are light denim blue, green, red, white and dark blue. I couldn't get a closer shot and still show the total sock. I do plan to wear these this winter with a long denim skirt that I have and my berks. I wouldn't want to hide the heel in a regular shoe after going through all that work. By the way my next project is a shawl. I think I will give socks a rest for a day or so.

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