Wednesday, April 25, 2007


So we took a trip to Seattle. My husband and I along with 216 teenagers. Let me explain. Our oldest daughter is in band, as you may already know, her band, all the choirs and the orchestra went to Seattle to compete in what's called a heritage festival. We left at 9:30 AM on Thursday and drove the 10 hours to Seattle, arriving at 7 PM. We stopped several times so that the drivers could have a smoke break. Yea! When we got to Seattle we stopped at a mall and then on to our motel rooms. On Friday we meaning the band kids and chaperons were able to see the city. And see the city we did. We started at the space needle then on to Pikes Place. On Saturday the kids competed and then we were off to Pikes Place again. Now the really funny thing or I guess you could say sad thing was my husband and I ran in to the same flasher on two different days in tow different places in Seattle. We saw a drug deal, and were just about in the middle of a gang fight. So needless to say is We didn't really like the city much. A little to big for us small town folks.
We were able to see some fun stuff. Safeco field for one. The boys weren't in town to play while we were there but it still was neat to see the stadium. Pikes place was fun and we did pick up some neat things there.
The really neat thing was all the kids won first place in every class that they competed in. So they were very excited on the bus ride home. Which we started on 12 midnight. But before we left Seattle we took a fairy to Blake Island had a great salmon dinner. All in all it was a great trip and we all had lots of fun, but I am glad to be back home.

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